Friday, August 6, 2010

My Furry Family Friday: Part 1

The title of my blog may make this obvious, but let it be known, I love dogs!

I never grew up with a dog, let alone a pet.  My only "pet" was a goldfish, Hoover, which lasted a couple of months while I was in college.  My mom never had a pet growing up and blocked every attempt of trying to get a dog into our house.  My two sisters and I even wrote and signed a contract saying that we'd take care of the dog.

Mom just wasn't a fan of dogs, their hair, or their drool.  My dad on the other hand, loves dogs.  He grew up with many pets: a cat named Rusty, a turtle, and the infamous poodle named Candy.  While we may have had better luck convincing my mom of getting a dog, if we had wanted a small wanted a big, hairy, drooling, Saint Bernard, and my sisters and I wanted a golden retriever who we'd name Cookie.

Each Christmas we'd ask Santa for a dog.  One year Santa brought us a stuffed Old English Sheepdog who we affectionately named Claus or "Claws".  We learned our lesson that Christmas and started putting "dog, real, alive, breathing" on our Christmas lists.

It wasn't until I graduated college and moved into my own apartment that I finally got my dog.

At the time I was completing my Master's degree and working full-time and had just met Brenden.  Never owning a dog before I didn't want a puppy, and volunteering at the dog shelters I knew I wanted a rescue.  I searched pet finder long and hard for a yellow lab or a golden retriever.  Then one day, I saw Millie and read her story...... be continued

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