Friday, August 20, 2010

Inspirational Message to share: Stop, Look, and Listen

I received the following email message this morning from the hospital director at the VA Hospital where I am employed.  Although the director's message is about the way we treat veterans, staff, and family members at our hospial, I believe this message applies to everyone, and wanted to share it with all of you:

"When you were growing up, do you remember adults telling you to “Stop, Look and Listen” before crossing the street? When I was at the Fisher House this week after talking to a veteran and his wife, I thought about that saying as it relates to how we interact with each other. Our lives are centered around multi-tasking...texting while walking, talking on the phone while typing on the computer, having a conversation with your kids while making dinner. It is true that when we multi-task, we aren't really giving anything 100 percent of our attention. So... I thought I would try to "Stop" (doing the other task that I was in the middle of), "Look" (at the person who was talking to me) and "Listen" (really Listen). I truly felt in the moment and engaged and allowed myself to look in the eyes of the person who was talking. I saw more smiles and laughter in people's eyes. I heard words of wisdom, felt more empathy for the pain in their faces, and spent some valuable moments truly engaged with my kids. It really made a difference. I encourage all of you to challenge yourself to soak in the moments with veterans, staff and families. The way we spend our time engaged in the moment is what adds up to how we spent our day. "Stop...look...and listen" -it may be a small thing but the benefits are priceless." -Sharon Helman, Edward Hines VA Hospital Director, email dated 8/20/2010

Have a great weekend and remember to "Stop, Look, and Listen"

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