Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Follow Friday: Following our ancestors' heroes

I'm taking this Friday off from work for a much needed break from work, to attend the New Yankees vs Chicago White Sox baseball game (and to fulfill the 17 requests Ive received through RAOGK)'s the beginning of a birthday celebration weekend (my birthday is Monday). The first 20,000 fans to the game are sopposed to receive a miniature Blackhawk Stanley cup trophy (I hope to be one of them), and all fans treated to fireworks after the game. I am a huge baseball fan, and a die-hard White Sox fan.

Thinking about my upcoming trip to Comiskey Park, aka US Cellular Field reminds me of my childhood. Since I was five years old, I've probably been to one White Sox game a year, more so now that I'm older and can buy tickets. Comiskey Park is one of my favorite places to be. I love the atmosphere, the sounds of the bat hitting the ball, watching someone slide into home, making a diving catch for a fly ball, and the smell of hot dogs on the grill.

My first memory of Comiskey, and probably the number one reason I love baseball so much, was when I was five years old. The White Sox were playing the Red Sox, and Roger Clemens was pitching for the Red Sox. My parents and I were standing a couple rows back from the field on the third base side during batting practice. Roger Clemens walked over to where my parents and I were standing, gave me a ball, and said I was cute. That's enough to make any 5 year old's day. Although he wasn't on the White Sox he became one my baseball favorites and personal heroes.

Now about 22 years later, Roger Clemons is in the news and going to court for charges of lying to the court regarding use of steroids. It saddens me as he was my childhood hero...

Other than Roger Clemons, my two biggest heroes are my parents. I admire and appreciate the way they raised me, the values they instilled upon me, and the way they worked so hard to make sure their children had a better life and mote opportunities than they did growing up. I don't know how how I'll ever to be as good of a parent as they are to me.

I turn the tv channel and hear news about Tiger Woods and his divorce, singers being arrested, movie stars doing drugs, teachers sleeping with their students, and parents abusing their children.

What makes someone a hero? If our hero does something shameful, should we still regard them as our heroes?

It really makes me think about our ancestors, who were their heroes? How have our heroes changed? And our present and future generation: who are your heroes? Who are our children's heroes?

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