Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introduction and background

Welcome to my blog, and join me in my adventures to discover my family history and genealogy with the help of my laborador-hound mix, Millie.

We all leave records, proof of our existence, or "paw prints", during different stages of our lives. Some leave more records than others. Some have been destroyed or have gone "missing" through the years. Some are in different languages or "creative" handwriting. At the minimum, there's records of our birth and eventually our death. Often, there's marriage or census records. Other times there are city directories, pictures, newspaper articles, or maybe even a video, a recipe, a tradition, or a story. Sometimes there's even immigration and naturalization records.

My goal is to find these records and use them as a guide to follow my family's "paw prints" as far back (and sideways) as I can. Using the records, I'll try to piece together the lives of my ancestors to discover who they really were.

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