Sunday, June 27, 2010

95th Carnival Of Genealogy "The Annual Swimsuit Competition": Swimsuits from the past, Let's Hear it for embarrassing myself

My first posting for the Carnival of Genealogy!  This month's theme is "The Annual Swimsuit Competition".

It was so much fun going through my stack of photos looking for swimsuit pictures of my ancestors.  While the two photos I found of my ancestors on the beach were not in a bathing suits.....unless bathing suits have changed that dramatically... I found it remarkable seeing the changes over time.  Here's my family's bathing suits from 1909 to 2008:

Depicted below is Clarence and Elizabeth Brown (nee Galligan) and child, my great grandma, Ruth Margaret Brown.  Ruth was born in 1908, so this picture is taken in 1909, most likely on the beaches of Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL.

 My grandma:  1950's vs. 2008
Unknown location, circa 1950's

Phoenix, Arizona, 2008

While pictures of my ancestors in bathing suits is limited, I have plenty of myself in bathing suits....I'm sure my future descendants will be  So while, I'm younger (26) than most genealogists and people interested in family history, here's a view of swimsuits in the 1980's in Illinois for your viewing pleasure and my personal embarrassment:

Yep, that's me with the squirt gun....also pictured is my mom and two sisters, 1987

Me...climbing the ladder, other three children unknown, 1988

Taking the plunge, 1988
Cheap sprinkler fun in front of the in front, followed by neighborhood friends and my two sisters, 1990.    
We made up a game for the sprinkler, sort of like HORSE for basketball or Truth or Dare...whatever the one person in the sprinkler did, the others had to matter how silly or crazy.  Memories...


  1. What fun! I'll have to dig out some of my bathing suit pics. Your first pic looks almost exactly like one I have of my great grandmother sitting on possibly the same beach with a grandchild, in a very similar "bathing suit"/dress.

  2. How very fun to look at your photos. I especially like the ones of you with your friends in the sprinkler. Makes me want to find a sprinkler and stand under it. I also enjoyed your first photo of your great-grands.

  3. That one photo, the one with the padding on the behind - reminds me of what I look like, a padded behind except without the styrofoam. LOL

    Great photos!

  4. Great pictures and stories to go with them.
    Enjoyed reading your post.