Friday, October 15, 2010

Civil War Pension Record: Richard Brown (Rockford, IL)

I haven't had a lot of time for genealogy since I got back from my Colorado trip (I've been spending a lot of time scrapbooking the pictures).

Although, I did get some genealogy goodness in the mail last third great grandpa, Richard Brown's 23 page civil war pension record!

Although the $22 fee for the record was a bit steep for my liking, it was worth it. Here's some info (and types of info) I learned through the records:

Info about Richard:
1) His MANY addresses from the time directly after the Civil War until his death
2) Death certificate
3) Marriage date and location
4) Civil War entry date and location (he was 16 when he joined)
5) Name of the two units under which he served during the war (he was transferred midway through the war)-- Company E, 95th Illinois Infantry and Company E, 47th Illinois Infantry
6) Medical history during war
7) His signature
8) His occupation (farmer)

Richard's wife and chilldren:
1) Addresses
2) Names...Including the name of my great great grandpa's twin who died at birth, wife's maiden name, and children's married names
3) Birthdates

The most interesting thing I learned was that Richard was disabled as a result of the war. The event took place after the war had ended and one day before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Richard's personal account of the incident is contained in his pension record:

[April 14, 1865] Richard and fellow Union soldiers were playing cards on the deck of a steamboat, the "Sioux City", on the Red River in Louisiana, when enemy fire hit a tack box where Richard was sitting. The tack box went airborne and hit Richard on his lower back.

Richard spent some time in a Louisiana hospital before returning to duty. Despite his injury, Richard served until January 21, 1866.

Richard received compensation for his injury, as his ability to work was limited due to his injury.

Richard died many years later, and was buried in Rockford. His burial location doesn't have a marker. I am doing research to determine how to get a marker for his grave, as I was told he should have one due to his service in the Civil War. If you are knowledgeable about this subject, I'd love more information.


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  1. How exciting to have received that file! I received one on my grandpa from NPRC in St. Louis (Navy) and it was $60. I guess that is their new fee but it had a lot of information I was happy to pay for.

    See this for a marker:

    Let's try to do coffee again soon. :)