Monday, September 20, 2010

Madness Monday: RAOGK requests (and vacation)

I've eagerly been counting down the days until Brenden and my vacation to the Rocky Mountain National Park. We leave Wednesday (EARLY) and gone til Sunday night. It'll be my second time to the Rockys, Brenden's first. It'll be so nice to get away from work and life's everday madness.

Before I leave I am trying to catch up on all my RAOGK requests. In just the month of August, I received 28 requests, and so far in September I have 13 requests....and some have multiple requests in one email... All requests are either for Chicago Tribune obituary look-ups or Queen of Heaven/Mt Carmel cemetery photograph requests.

I'm encouraging people who are interested in cemetery photo requests to post them on findagrave, as someone maybe able to get the photo sooner than I to overtime at work, rainy/cold weather, and limited hours at the cemetery.

I also encourage others to post obit requests on ancestry/rootsweb message boards, as there are some newspapers in Chicago that I don't have easy access to. So if you are looking to help some people find their ancestors....check out the ancestry/rootsweb message boards.

If you have access to old newspapers...most people do through their local library, and others even have online access to newspapers through library, ancestry, or other databases.....please volunteer at Even if there is already a volunteer on your area, as they may be overwhelmed with requests like me.

You'll be surprised at how many people you will be able to help.

Happy ancestor hunting!


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