Monday, November 21, 2011

Scrapbook Memories and Pinterest Inspiration: Life Before Me

It's been a year since we lost her, and not a day has past when I haven't thought about her.  Thinking about Millie on her angel day.

"Life Before Me"

Layout: Inspired by this page:, found on Pinterest

Text (Consolas font): In front of a Wal-Mart in Missouri she sat in a cardboard box with her brother and sister. Unlike the Girl Scout cookies being sold for $4 a box, she had no price tag. / The two brown spots on her yellow fur made her stand out from her brother and sister, who resembled their mother, a yellow lab. She never met her father, a hound-pointer mix who had lived down the road. She was six weeks old and about to start her life as “Mocha”, a Christmas present for two young boys. / For two years she lived in the yard of the boys’ grandparent's house. Mistreated and neglected, she rarely received food and fresh water. Abandoned and alone, bitten and infested with fleas, she barked for attention. / One dark and stormy night, a distant relative, disgusted by the horrible situation, unhooked her collar (making it look like she had escaped) and brought her to the vet for treatment. Tender and loving despite her past, she was transported to Illinois and put up for adoption. On she was listed as “Millie”.

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  1. Melissa, your layout is fantastic and I love your journaling - this design is so versatile!

  2. Great job - kraft goes beautifully with everything!!